Actions which give substance to our commitment
to sustainability, civic participation and care for the urban
environment in which we unfold our activities.

Agenda 21

Casa Convalescència endorses Agenda 21 and the civic commitment to sustainability in accordance with the aims and lines of action it takes, and profiles itself as equipment of the city of Barcelona. As such, it connects with the commitment of the institution it belongs to, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, signatory to the Agenda 21 since 1998.

Casa Convalescència collaborates with other organisations participating in the field of sustainability and civic participation in the district in which it is located, Horta-Guinardó.

Action Plan

Download it in PDF

Casa Convalescència is working on the elaboration of an action plan involving various areas related to sustainability:

  • Advising its users on the organisation of more sustainable events, in line with the good practices included in the "Guide for More Sustainable Conferences" edited by the Environmental Bureau of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and published by the Council of Barcelona (download it in PDF format by clicking the hyperlink on the left)
  • “Green Bureau”: adapting offices and workspaces to improve their contribution to the environment with the aim to obtain the distinction of environmental standard by the Generalitat de Catalunya in the category office and service buildings
  • Actions related to corporate responsibility on the part of staff and users
  • Project of recuperating the main garden along sustainable criteria in order to enhance the conservation of the urban biodiversity and to participate in activities concerning environmental education and in which correct management of residues is achieved.